Cordage Cottage

The Cordage Cottage is a 2 bedroom & 1 bathroom house and one of the pre-approved home designs in Mahogany Bay. The Cordage Cottage is a cozy 2-bedroom house with an additional loft. The home is 780 interior square feet.  

1st Floor:  655 sq. ft.

Loft:  115 sq. ft.

Total Sq. Ft.:  780 sq. ft.

Screened In Porch:  253 sq. ft.

Deck:  295 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Additional Loft

Width:  37′ 10″

Length:  39′ 6″

Floor Plan

First Floor 655 sq. ft.

Loft 115 sq. ft.




Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour